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(WASHINGTON) — The union that represents front-line Border Patrol agents supports the Senate immigration reform bill, saying the new authorities it gives agents to turn migrants away are a key step in the right direction.

That’s despite heavy opposition from House Republicans that might scuttle the effort — at least for the time being.

The National Border Patrol Council has previously endorsed Donald Trump for president and routinely takes hard-line positions on immigration enforcement.

“This is absolutely better than what we currently have,” National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd told ABC News.

When the new expulsion authorities are triggered, agents will work to quickly turn migrants back to Mexico. Judd said he was confident this new authority combined with more detention resources will reduce illegal crossings.

Further, additional resources for migrants who require processing will free up agents to remain on the front line.

“They’re able to do the job that they were supposed to do as far as protecting the American people and I think that they would feel much better about the job with this bill,” Judd said.

While supportive of the new compromise agreement, Judd said he also backs more restrictive measures.

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