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(WASHINGTON) — House Speaker Mike Johnson is forging ahead with a plan to try to pass aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan that’s been tied up in a political fight in Washington for months — but will the move cost him his job?

Johnson laid out a proposal to split the $95 billion foreign aid package passed by the Senate into three separate bills, one for each country, and a fourth bill loaded with conservative priorities.

Johnson spoke with President Joe Biden on Monday before unveiling his plan to his conference, two sources told ABC News. A White House official said it was waiting to see the plan “in detail” before discussing with Democrats how to proceed.

But Johnson’s approach is already causing more rancor with the right flank of his party, as a second member said Tuesday he would join Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s motion to remove him from the speaker post.

Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., said he told Johnson in a closed-door conference meeting he would cosponsor Greene’s motion, which she introduced last month. Massie said he suggested Johnson “pre-announce” his resignation so Republicans can get to work on finding a new speaker and avoid any lapse in leadership.

ABC News Senior Congressional Correspondent Rachel Scott asked Johnson for his response to Republicans who say that if he doesn’t step aside, they may oust him over this issue.

“I am not resigning,” Johnson answered. “And it is, in my view, an absurd notion that someone would bring a vacate motion when we are simply here trying to do our jobs.”

Johnson continued, “It is not helpful to the cause. It is not helpful to the country. It does not help the House Republicans to advance our agenda.”

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