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(MILWAUKEE) — President Joe Biden is continuing his campaign ramp-up with a visit to battleground Wisconsin on Wednesday, a day after he clinched the Democratic nomination.

Biden’s first stop will be an official event to talk infrastructure at a Boys & Girls Club. He’s going to tout millions in funding for a project to improve Milwaukee’s 6th Street Corridor — part of his administration’s push to highlight the positive impact of his policies as he looks to convince voters to give him a second term.

Later, Biden will turn to his reelection bid and join supporters at the opening of his 2024 campaign headquarters in the city.

Tuesday’s set of primary races sealed a rematch between Biden and Donald Trump, who also won enough delegates to lock down the Republican Party’s nomination ahead of this summer’s convention.

Biden won Wisconsin by just 20,000 votes in 2020. His repairing of the Midwest “blue wall” — Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin — was critical to his defeat of Trump but early polling has shown Biden trailing Trump in the state.

According to an official from the Biden-Harris campaign, the choice to base their statewide operation in Milwaukee (a first in 20 years for a presidential campaign) is strategic. It reflects their focus on voters crucial to the Democratic coalition, including suburban women, Black voters and Latinos.

Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and their partners will travel to every battleground state over the next month to build up campaign infrastructure and engage grassroots supporters, the official said.

The blitz comes after Biden’s fiery State of the Union address last week, in which he laid out what he said were stark contrasts between his vision for the nation and that of the Trump-led Republican Party. Biden hit his predecessor on everything from abortion access to aid for Ukraine and more.

The speech featured a fired-up Biden, who is also working to quell doubt from critics and voters who say he’s too old to serve another four years. An ABC News/Ipsos poll released last month found a majority of Americans thought he and Trump were too old for a second term — though it is a greater weakness for Biden.

Last week, Biden began to take his State of the Union message on the road to Pennsylvania and Georgia.

“Folks, it’s not hyperbole to suggest our freedoms are literally on the ballot this November,” Biden said in Georgia on Saturday. “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans are trying to take our freedoms away.”

“But guess what? We’re not gonna let them take them away,” he said.

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