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(WASHINGTON) — Following former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s announcement Wednesday that he was dropping out of the 2024 presidential race, reaction soon poured in from his supporters and political rivals, including former President Donald Trump, who Christie vehemently campaigned against.

“I hear Chris Christie is dropping out of the race today — I might even get to like him again!” Trump posted on Truth Social shortly after Christie announced the news.

Among the Republican candidates, the former New Jersey governor was perhaps the most outspoken against Trump.

Christie centered his campaign on defeating the former president and wasn’t shy about calling him out, including for his election denialism, mounting legal woes and involvement in the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection.

However, Christie was once a Trump supporter — endorsing him in the 2016 presidential race after he suspended his own campaign.

During his presidency, Trump appointed Christie chair of the President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis.

Christie has since repeatedly expressed regret for endorsing Trump back in 2016.

“I made a political decision eight years ago when I dropped out of the race in 2016. I looked at the polls, and I decided that Donald Trump was going to be the nominee. And that since I’d known him for 15 years, that I could make him a better candidate,” Christie said Wednesday during his final town hall where he announced his departure from the race.

“I knew his flaws, but I also knew he was going to win the nomination. So I decided that I would get behind him and support him,” he continued. “I let the ambition get ahead and in control of the decision-making, and after I figured that out, I promised myself and I promised my wife that I would never, ever do that again. And I’m not going to.”

Christie warned voters against electing Trump to a second term in office.

“And I can promise you this, if you put him back behind the desk in the Oval Office and the choice comes and the decision is needed to be made as to whether he puts himself first or he puts you first, how much more evidence do you need that he will pick himself?” he asked.

Christie also guaranteed his supporters that he wouldn’t help Trump rise to power again.

“I want to promise you this: I am going to make sure that in no way do I enable Donald Trump, ever be president of the United States again,” he said “And that’s more important than my own personal ambitions.”

Christie’s opponents and supporters react to his campaign’s suspension

In a statement on X, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley — who is predicted to benefit from Christie’s departure — called him a friend and commended him “on a hard-fought campaign.”

She added, “Voters have a clear choice in this election: the chaos and drama of the past or a new generation of conservative leadership. I will fight to earn every vote, so together we can build a strong and proud America.”

Former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson praised Christie for speaking the “hard truth that some did not want to hear,” while pointing out that he’s the only candidate who has not promised to pardon the former president.

Ahead of town hall, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis called Christie and told him that “Regardless of his decision, he appreciated his role in the race,” according to a source familiar.

NBC News was the first to report the call.

“We’re sad that he felt like he had to suspend the campaign. I wish he had gotten more support sooner in the process,” Christie supporter Rita McCabe told ABC News after Christie’s announcement.

She added that she would continue to back him.

Mark McCabe, another Christie supporter, said his vote will not be going to Trump.

“He lost my vote,” McCabe said. “We did vote with him before — he was the party nominee. He had his opportunity and I’m sad to say he let me down.”

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